Sands of the Desert SYNTHETICS (Natural Sands)

Price: $44.95


Complete Sands of the Desert REMIX! Legendary magic performed for decades on street and stage now with BONUS closeup routines. This new sand is treated with synthetic polymers that produce free-flowing magic sand, clump-FREE!

sands_of_the_desert_synthetic_natural_sandsFully surrounded or center stage, a wave of your hand turns clear water eerie black. Pour three different colored sands into the water and mix them around. Instead of an impossible mess, plunge your hand into the water and emerge with each color of sand, one by one, separate and dry!

Borrow a bottle of water during your closeup show. Pour water into your fist and mix in some sand. As you shake them up, slowly open your hand. The water and sand are gone! Close your hand again and pour out the water—then the sand—completely dry!

Add Sands of the Desert to your stage, street, or closeup show. The possibilities are endless thanks to a synthetic polymer coating each grain of magic sand. It looks like a movie special effect when poured into water. Sands of the Desert plays BIG!

• Wet sand flows DRY from your hand!
• Legendary magic performed worldwide!
• Beautiful display of magic, even closeup!
• New, in-depth, step-by-step instructions!

Sands of the Desert, produced by Gerald Kirchner, comes with three packs of clump-free magic sand, each a different color. The new instructions, written and illustrated by Aaron Smith, feature closeup and stage routines for modern audiences.

The Sands of the Desert special coating lasts longer, works better, and makes you more amazing than inferior versions. Unlike other Sands of the Desert, Hindu Sands, or Sands of Enchantment, it isn’t made with wax. If you have another version, this will blow it out of the water!

Additional Props: some of the routines advertised here and in the instructions require additional props purchased separately, such as turning the water black and a glass bowl for the stage version.

Available Colors: with Sands of the Desert (Natural Sands), you will receive three different colors of specially treated magic sand. Natural black, natural brown, and natural white.


Price: $44.95